About 100 kilometers north of Hamburg, in the assessable state capital Kiel at the Baltic Sea, nothing much happens besides ship traffic … one would think. in the last year a small circle of ambitioned gentlemen found their way through their mutual love towards electronic music together to erect a "Matroneum" (Empore) in the form of a label. The idea was to help local artists to a bigger audience.

The decision to equally release on vinyl as well as digitally did not take long to reach, be it that all artists knew themselves through the Luna Club in Kiel and had a mutual passion for the good old vinyl record. With the Luna Club as a headquarter the search began to find local artists which would fit into the label. Old acquaintances of over a decade of music production and over 15 years of club life were also renewed. By now a family of several artists of the House scene has established to fill the project Empore Music with life. Supported by artists like Till Von Sein, Patlac or Musk the label is ready to draw the attention slightly more towards the north of Hamburg. The project does not only find its support in Music.

Jochem Roman Schneider, one of the most prestigious artists of Kiel dedicated a variety of his works to develop artworks. From a copperplate engraving via drawings to paintings. All those works will shape cover as well as the overall picture of the affectionately chosen productions in a unique manner.

With an output of four records a year and a limited edition of 300 vinyl records per release, the label is trying to stay true to one of their main policies: quality over quantity and giving you the feeling to hold something special in your hands. From our Luna Club, into your club.